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    2 products

    True prickly pear oil

    The 100% pure cold-pressed prickly pear oil at You Madu is a natural oil. Regular use of this oil can make wrinkles less deep and fine lines fade. A few drops are enough.

    Prickly pear oil: pure indulgence for your skin

    There are countless creams on the market that are expensive, promise a lot and ultimately do little for your skin. Not so with prickly pear oil! The oil has a fantastic effect on mature skin. It really improves the suppleness of your skin. Dry and irritated skin is also nourished when you regularly use prickly pear oil. Furthermore, this natural, organic skin oil ensures good blood circulation and its use makes the skin fresher and the tone is evenr. It is 1 of the best and natural anti-aging products on the market!

    Prickly pear oil gives the skin a smooth, firm and elastic structure

    Nourishing and nourishing ingredients

    Cold-pressed prickly pear oil (Opuntia) contains various vitamins E such as beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocopherols and the tocotrienols. Prickly pear oil has a very high percentage of delta tocopherol and about 5% gamma tocopherol. The combination of the delta and gamma tocopherols penetrate better into the cell membrane and therefore play an effective role in protecting the skin at the cellular level. As a result, prickly pear oil can prevent premature skin aging.
    This beauty elixir gives mature skin a youthful and healthy appearance.

    An anti-aging product that works!

    Why buy prickly pear oil from You Madu?

    • The best quality
    • Guaranteed first cold pressing at a maximum of 40 degrees;
    • The oil is supplied in an amber glass for maximum preservation of the oil;
    • We have been selecting the best natural care products for 10 years.

    At You Madu  you can buy the real cold-pressed prickly pear oil of the very best quality.

    The production of prickly pear oil

    In addition to healthy flesh, the prickly pear also contains small hard seeds.

    Prickly pear kernel oil can be obtained from these seeds through a very laborious and time-consuming procedure. Approximately 1 million kernels (seeds) are needed for the production of 1 liter of prickly pear kernel oil.

    The seeds are carefully washed after separating from the pulp and dried outdoors in the sun. After drying, the seeds are cold pressed to this unique oil. This enormously time-consuming and intensive process explains the price of the prickly pear oil.

    What is important to know is that nothing is thrown away in the production of our prickly pear oil. The pulp of the prickly pear is processed into various juices and used to make jam.


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