Culinary argan oil, not only tasty but also healthy

by Kristof Alentijns

Argan oil is also called the “gold of Morocco”, because of the way it is made and because it is healthy! Culinary argan oil is cold-pressed from argan kernels that have been gently roasted. This gives the oil a soft nutty and delicate taste! The argan oil from is 100% natural, without additives and organic (Ecocert 2018).

Culinary argan oil as a dietary supplement

In addition to being a delicate oil for the kitchen, culinary argan oil can also be used as a dietary supplement. Argan oil is rich in antioxidants. Research has shown that antioxidants protect us from free radicals, chemicals formed in the body as part of metabolism, and also protect the body from bacteria, which is good for the immune system. Argan oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (more than 80%) which can help lower cholesterol levels.

The high percentage of vitamin E, especially gamma tocopherol, which is rare in natural oils, helps to protect the heart and blood vessels. These extreme antioxidants are necessary for the formation of red blood cells and also the construction and maintenance of muscle tissues. Argan oil contains > 620mg tocopherol, per liter. Olive oil less than half. Furthermore, argan oil also contains Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids appear to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may aid in the treatment of rheumatism, asthma, psoriasis and Chrohn's disease.

"Every day 1 tablespoon of argan oil is enough to take in these important components"

Argan oil is delicious as a seasoning in dishes including:

  • Fish; e.g. tuna and salmon.
  • Stews, soups and salads.
  • About the yogurt in combination with honey
  • Delicious over Brussels sprouts, spinach, peas instead of butter.

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