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    Essential oils and Aromatherapy

    With an Aroma Diffuser (oil diffuser / aroma nebulizer ) and natural essential oils you can spread a fantastic fragrance in your home, which also can have a lot of positive effects on your body and mind.

    The more Dutch name for essential oils is essential oils. These plant extracts have been used for centuries all over the world. For example, they were/are used in many cultures as medicine, in rituals, and to drive away evil spirits.

    The power of essential oils

    Essential oils are powerful because they contain volatile organic compounds that stimulate the brain and our emotional response systems when inhaled or applied topically.

    Different types of essential oils consist of different chemical compounds that can work for specific needs: lavender for drowsiness; peppermint for headaches; ginger for nausea; rosemary against poor circulation.

    Essential oils have been shown to provide the following benefits, among others: stress relief, pain and anxiety relief, sleep aids, immune system stimulation. They can also provide a natural way to reduce the symptoms of chronic diseases such as asthma or arthritis.

    Which essential oil suits you?

    The botanical family is large and has many different properties; there are hundreds of types of essential oils with unique scents and uses. However, they don't all work the same for every person; each plant has a different composition of components that act differently on our body chemistry.

    It is therefore always good to try out different essential oils before you pin yourself down to one. Also, not everyone likes the smell of every essential oil, which is why we offer a large range that we are constantly expanding. This way you can buy the essential oil that meets all your needs.

    Popular essential oils include tea tree oil, frankincense, bergamot, lavender and patchouli .

    100% natural essential oils

    All our essential oils are 100% natural without any additives and are bottled in the Netherlands and Belgium. They originate from many different countries, but are all purchased from reliable European suppliers.

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