About us

At You Madu we want to offer you a natural, healthy and sustainable alternative to traditional cosmetics and care products.

DIY, natuurlijke verzorging 

Conventional cosmetics and care products often contain synthetic substances that can be harmful to your skin, body and nature in the long term.

We want to offer an alternative. With natural products, without added chemical ingredients.

We focus on quality, at an affordable price, in sustainable packaging.

Because this natural alternative requires a somewhat Do-it-Yourself approach, we offer packages for day creams, anti-aging serums, face masks, hair mask and much more, with simple recipes to quickly make your own natural care products.

But don't worry, we always keep it as simple as possible because you don't have hours a week to prepare these products.

We want to make sure that by using our products you not only look better, but you also feel better!

If you also make your own cosmetic products, you can completely customize them to the specific needs of your skin.

Be sure to visit our recipe page to discover more about homemade cosmetic products. We guarantee that you will not regret this. They are cheaper, more fun and of better quality than traditional products. So win-win-win actually.

Why "You Madu"?

Since we have spent some time in Indonesia in recent years, and really like the natural way of life and skin care that has been practiced there for centuries, we looked to the Indonesian language to find a new brand name.

"Madu" means honey in Indonesian. Which we made You Madu from, because we want your skin to become as sweet/soft as honey with the use of our products :-).

What we also saw in Indonesia, and which leads us to the next topic, is the impact we have on nature. The use of plastic on an unprecedented scale has a negative impact on everything and everyone, in every corner of the world. What you see here on a well-known beach in Bali is unfortunately just the tip of the iceberg: 

Jimbaran beach


Last but not least, You Madu loves nature. Sustainability is absolutely crucial to You Madu, and it governs every decision we make.

This is something we are continuously working on, but which is not 100% perfect either.

We want to be honest about that, and there are definitely still improvements possible to become more sustainable.

What we are already doing:

  • Almost all our products are supplied in glass bottles or jars
  • We use starch packing peanuts that are soluble in water and wrap the glass jars in a paper bubblewrap alternative.
  • We plant 1 tree for every 30 euros spent on our shop. This is a collaboration with the fantastic startup Ecologi.

What could be even better:

  • An alternative to the plastic caps on our bottles.
  • Try to convince suppliers not to use plastic in packaging.
  • Durable shipping. We are looking for a courier that keeps the impact on the nature of shipping as low as possible.

If you have any suggestions about that, please let us know!

Any other questions or suggestions? Or do you just want to share a nice/bland joke :-), email us at hallo@youmadu.nl